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⚈ 資訊多媒體應用系 ⚈
資訊多媒體應用(原資科系) 生活化 多樣化 國際化

 Department of Informational Technology @ DoIT




About DoIT



Department of Informational Technology (Abbreviated as DoIT) offers four-year undergraduate programs during the days and the evenings. We also offer a two-year senior college program for continuing vocational education and training (CVET).



Educational Philosophy



The objectives of the programs are to train and to educate students to be competent in IT related subordinate domains (e.g., computer literacy, software programming, network communication and management, embedded system and programming, digital content and techniques, operating systems).



Our faculty members orient teaching philosophy on project-based learning, focusing on students’ proficiency in key skills. To be more competitive in the profession, students are highly encouraged to obtain international certificates.



Facilities and Equipments



Department of Informational Technology is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and specialized cyber labs ready not only for instruction but also for professional services to the community.